Added a Facebook Feed to

Durden Outdoor just added a Facebook feed to the all new Durden website.  Be sure to visit us on Facebook and click the “Like” button.  You never know we might offer some type of giveaway to our Facebook fans.  Fun things like free offers to put your profile pics up on a Durden Digital Network billboard, or even giveaways for a free billboard to advertise your company.  The point is it could pay to be involved with the Durden Facebook Fan Page.

Durden Gives Tribute to Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King is a long deceased member of our society, but his influence and teachings have survived the generations. He was a

"A riot is the language of the unheard" - MLK

leader, an encourager, and most importantly — he changed history.  Durden Outdoor is proud to give tribute and remember such an inspirational man. Be sure to keep your eyes open for MLK on Durden Outdoor’s Digital Network in Dothan & Enterprise, AL.

Pick Your Creative Partner Wisely in 2011

What happens when your marketing campaign is boring and does little to make potential clients remember your business?  Simple… the result it the person seeing the ad will more than likely never call or stop by.  In 2011 be sure to pick your business’s creative partner wisely.  Creative advertising and understanding the fundamentals of effective marketing strategy can mean more for your business’s bottom line.  Be sure to contact the Durden Kreative staff to see what we can do to make your business FAMOUS in 2011.

Join the Durden Newsletter

Durden Outdoor takes great pride in providing the best possible service to each of our clients. It is our goal to ensure each of our clients understand what outdoor advertising can do for their business, how to create an effective outdoor advertising campaign, and more importantly keep them informed with great tips to keep their company name “FAMOUS” around town. In the past we have sent out newsletters detailing past and current projects, offers, and news. We plan to continue this email campaign, but with a twist. We will be sending out informative how to articles to the Durden Outdoor Newsletter Subscribers. In the how to articles you may find simple things you can do to maximize your advertising budget. We plan to write articles on creative ways to advertise your company with little or no money at all. We will also be sending out articles challenging you to think about your business from a different perspective. The point is not all of our emails will be blasting you trying to get you to spend money. Our BUSINESS is making businesses FAMOUS. Let us know how we can help. You can find a sign up form on most of the pages here on our website in the right hand sidebar. I have also included one at the bottom of this article.