Durden Designs 3D Billboard for Local Bankruptcy Firm

mydebtWhitaker Marketing came to Durden Outdoor with the idea of collaborating to promote their client Espy, Metcalf & Espy, P.C.   Known as Dothan’s bankruptcy lawyers, EMEPC, have more than 60 years combined in bankruptcy law, and have helped thousands of individuals and families escape or decrease crushing debt burdens. The design process of Espy, Metcalf & Espy began with several creative meetings researching the topic, defining the direction, and strategizing about the possibilities. This is when the “Ball & Chain” concept emerged from our creative minds and leapt onto the dry erase board. The expression “ball and chain” refers back to the actual ball and chain, which was a heavy metal ball secured to a prisoner’s leg by means of a chain and manacle. The ball and chain was in use in both Britain and the USA by the early 19th century (and possibly much earlier.) The earliest citation in print is from The Times, January 1819. Now, it is used as a slang term for a burden that you must carry around with you. In our design the “Ball and Chain” is a metaphor for how debt can be a burden and weigh you down. With the design sketched out, Durden’s Creative department began designing and revising the billboard. After a few ideas were mapped out the initial design was presented to the client for review. Once the concept was given a go-ahead the 3D idea developed while meeting with Durden’s production department. Excitement had sprung with this new 3D idea between all three entities! The artwork was approved and the agency decided to creatively spend their client’s ad budget on (1) stationary bulletin strategically located on Main Street in Dothan, Alabama [across from Wiregrass Church.] To add frequency and coverage to this “MY DEBT” ad campaign, they also included a digital rotary showing on our Durden Digital Network. The team at Durden then began engineering and building the 20 foot 3D Chain and Cuff to fit on the billboard. You can see how we made it by clicking HERE. Shortly after it was installed Sharon Whitaker, President of Whitaker Marketing, notified us that the client had already received a lot of positive feed back from their 3D billboard. Creating the RIGHT IDEA for the RIGHT CLIENT equals “FAMOUS” every time.   Durden Outdoor was beyond ecstatic about developing and producing this billboard campaign for Whitaker Marketing and  Espy, Metcalf & Espy, P.C.’s Bankruptcy Practice. To find out how to add a 3D PROP BILLBOARD to your next marketing campaign, contact one of the FAMOUS MAKERS at DURDEN OUTDOOR today at sales@durdenoutdoor.com.

Extra Large Jason Aldean Teaser | Answer Billboard gets huge response for a local Wrangler retailer

Jason Aldean TEASER_ANSWER Billboard The power of one billboard can be huge if the message is right.  Durden Outdoor teamed up with local Wrangler retailer THE BARN for this awesome TEASER | ANSWER board. THE GOAL:  The client wanted to let locals & through traffic know that they are the BOOT & JEAN Capital of Alabama. THE IDEA:   Build a 25 foot tall cowboy (in jeans) and put him on a billboard smack dab in the center of Dothan, AL. THE SIZZLE:  The 2013 TOADLICK Music Festival was approaching April 11,12,13 and THE BARN was a sponsor of the event.  We spoke to the festival promoters and they had tried to book country music star JASON ALDEAN because of popular demand, but were unable to book him for their 2013 event.  So, how cool would it be if THE BARN could bring him to town? J THE TEASER:  We put up a billboard for 4 weeks that simply said “JASON ALDEAN IS COMING HERE.” THE ANSWER:  Our production team designed, built and installed a 25’ tall JASON ALDEAN on a low height billboard located on a major through fair (Hwy 231) in Dothan, AL with 38,000+ cars per day. THE RESULT:  Huge Local Response & PR for our client. NEXT QUESTION:  How can TEAM DURDEN make your next campaign FAMOUS? Jason Aldean has set the stage in country music. The singer has sold more than 7 million records and went double platinum with his 2010 album “My Kinda Party.” The recent release of his new album Night Train has everyone buzzing. His first single from this album, “Take a Little Ride,” has hit a three week streak at No. 1. You can read more about him on his website www.jasonaldean.com. The Barn, a local business, has been providing western and casual clothing to the surrounding area for more than 30 years. They carry top brands of clothes, shoes, boots, hats, and accessories for the entire family. With Jason Aldean being the face of Wrangler jeans, The Barn decided they wanted to be a part of all the hype. The Kreative team at Durden designed a campaign to market their products successfully. The Durden rotary poster, displayed for a couple of weeks, next to Conestoga Steak House on HWY 231 N, kept the Wiregrass pondering and curious about the artist’s where-abouts. Through social media motorists have been trying to find the answers. Will Jason Aldean come to Toadlick? The Durden team knows what he is up to. Stay tuned!

Jason Aldean Coming Here Ad

jason aldean billboardHave you heard the news about the Jason Aldean rotaty poster in Dothan? Yesterday a Jason Aldean is coming HERE rotary poster was installed next to Conestoga Steak House on Highway 231 North in Dothan, Alabama. This poster is will be replaced by a new message in a few weeks.  For more information be sure to check out the billboard location in a couple weeks by Conestoga Steak House.

On the Road Again

roadmartRoad Mart has been serving the Wiregrass since 1974. They are a family owned tire and automotive service center serving Troy, Ozark, Dothan, Enterprise, and Marianna. Road Mart offers multiple brands of tires and sizes, such as: Akuret Akuret-Commercial Akuret-Industrial BF Goodrich Bridgestone Bridgestone-Commercial Dayton Del-Nat-LG Del-Nat-Trailer Firestone Firestone-Commercial Firestone-Farm Fuzion   Galaxy-Industrial Goodyear Long March-Commercial Maxxis Michelin Michelin-Commercial Nexen Primewell Primex Sumitomo Toyo Toyo-Commercial Road Mart is currently advertising with us using rotary posters and bulletins to show off their multiple locations. Rotary Posters are purchased in increments called showings. Poster showings provide a broad, simultaneous market reach that can achieve instant market saturation and high frequency where your customers live, work, and play. Posters are extremely powerful for launching new product campaigns, time sensitive promotions, seasonal and special events. Bulletins are the largest, most impaction standard-size form of outdoor media. Located on highly visible locations, such as expressways and primary arteries, they offer advertisers exposure from heavy traffic patterns. Bulletins afford great visibility due not only to their size, but because they allow creative customizing through extensions and embellishments. If you would like to make your company FAMOUS, we are the right billboard company for you. Durden Outdoor Displays has been designing awesome billboards for Wiregrass business owners since 1968. Contact us today to start making your business famous.

Polaris Ranger Billboard for Dothan Powersports

Dothan Powersports does a very good job with outdoor advertising by mixing different displays in different locations.  Different billboards… what I thought all billboards were the same.  No, billboards are not the same.  Dothan Powersports uses a combination of bulletins, rotary posters, and digital billboards. The Polaris Ranger billboard is considered a bulletin.  Bulletins are the large billboards you see beside major artery roads leading in and out of town.  Keep in mind there are bulletins in town at high traffic area.

This bulletin is located on Highway 431 southbound coming into Dothan.  The bulletin is seen by roughly 30,000 cars per day.  Northview High School is located in close proximity to the billboard.  While school is in the amount of traffic increases in this area.  A large amount of beach bound traffic passes this billboard location in spring and summertime. An added benefit is a large portion of the beach bound traffic turns left onto Ross Clark Circle  putting the traffic right to their building.

If you would like to speak with one of our marketing professionals please contact us today.  We will be happy to assist with any questions or concerns you may have.

Hardee’s Tailgate Tenders for Football Season


College football season should start with great tailgating and great food. Hardee’s is gearing up for football season with their Tailgate Tenders. These are going to be great for tailgating during the first games starting this weekend (09-02-11)!  Troy will be at Clemson, you can see the game at 3:30 on ESPN3.com.  Auburn (No. 23) is in Utah playing Utah State at 12:00 pm (ET). Alabama(No. 2) is starting at home against Kent state. You can also find that football game online at ESPN3.com. Like Hardee’s, other Dothan businesses can benefit from advertising for seasonal events. Presenting seasonal promotional gifts can be most effective as compared to sticking to same idea. Sports Bars, Grocery Stores, and package stores are just a few businesses that  would greatly benefit in trying this type of advertising. If you would like more information on advertising seasonally with Durden and out 4 Week Rotary program be sure to contact our experienced marketing professionals for details.

Rituals Day Spa Puts The Ahh in Spa


Rituals Day Spa is coming to Dothan, Alabama! Currently located in Enterprise on Boll Weevil Circle, they have decided to expand their spa services to Dothan’s Westgate Parkway.

Rituals provide the following services:

  • Hair Color, Cuts & Styles
  • Massages
  • Facials
  • Nail Care
  • Skin Care
  • Waxing
  • Body Treatments
  • Spray Tans
  • Men’s Services
  • Packages
While they are preparing to open in Dothan, you can purchase gift certificates on their website or visit them just up the street in Enterprise. They will be showing up on many digital billboards through out the city, so be sure to look for them. Rituals Puts the Ahhh in Spa and Durden puts the Ahhh in Billboard Advertising.  

Goldfingers has some SERIOUS Chicken Fingers


Goldfingers is a Dothan based restaurant serving high quality chicken fingers, burgers, pizza, salads, wraps, and more.  Be sure to check out the awesome sauce they have for their chicken fingers in any of their 3 Dothan locations. I have to admit I eat the sauce with my french fries and chicken fingers.  Goldfingers has been working diligently to build brand identity as they launch their  restaurant business into a full swing franchise.

The initial phase with their restaurant advertising approach was to use the Durden Outdoor 4 Week Rotary Posters.  Goldfingers received a new billboard location every 4 Weeks and altered the message slightly each month to keep the message fresh. By using a total of 4 billboards per month they were able to capture a large section of the Dothan market.

If you would like more information on the 4 Week Rotary program and its benefits be sure to contact our experienced marketing professionals for details.

Vinson Plumbing and Electric Billboard Campaign


Vinson Plumbing and Electric has been in business for decades serving Dothan, Alabama with high quality service work.  Vinson has made some big changes to their marketing campaign on both the plumbing and electric front to better establish brand identity with home owners rather than local contractors.  For months Durden Outdoor has been displaying a combination of both digital billboards and 4 Week Rotary Posters in the Dothan market to boost Vinson Plumbing and Electric brand awareness.  Vinson has commented on how well outdoor advertising has been to their business and has continued with a new campaign. Nearing the end of a 3 month campaign the Vinson “Make The Switch” 4 Week Rotary posters have been located in a number of locations around Dothan.  Rotary posters are billboards that change locations every 4 weeks.  For a better explanation on the 4 Week Rotary Posters CLICK HERE.

Ameri-Tech Rooter Digital Billboard


Ameri-Tech Rooter is an expert in drain cleaning, septic systems, and other plumbing needs.  When they needed a marketing professional to help get their brand in front of a large number of people they turned to Dothan area marketing professionals at Durden Outdoor.  The first ads are placed on the downtown Dothan Justice Park digital billboard. Justice Park is a 3 sided digital billboard display.  The display is located on the corner of Main Street and South Oates Street in historic downtown Dothan, Alabama.  Be sure to check out the live traffic cam from Justice Park where you can see this display working live. CLICK HERE.