Storms Effecting Alabama and Surrounding states

Last night Alabama was forever changed by a horrific tornado and severe thunderstorms that devastated our beautiful state. Watching the videos, seeing the pictures, and reading stories of families effected by the storms in northern Alabama will forever change us all.  Many people lost their lives leaving behind grieving mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, friends, husbands, wives, and so on.  Our prayers go out to all those who survived the storm and to those who lost their lives.  God Bless.

Digital Lighthouse in Eufaula, AL

Digital Billboards are rapidly becoming the go to platform in outdoor advertising.  The first thought is digital billboards attract attention because they are bright displays rotating static image content to draw your eye to the display.  Digital Billboards have much more to offer with the ability to change out your message as often as needed.  No printing is required  when compared to traditional billboards which keeps production costs at a minimum.  Conditional media also adds the ability to effectively reach potential customers.  Conditional media means different ads can be placed for morning traffic and evening traffic as well changing via RSS feeds from the internet. For more info on this please contact us.

Some features of Digital Billboards

  • No production charges
  • Multiple Designs
  • Conditional Media
  • Day Part Messages
  • Blitz Marketing
  • Durden Digital Network covering multiple market areas


Durden Outdoor Displays is growing with the addition a NEW Digital Lighthouse Display in Eufaula, Alabama. The NEW Digital Lighthouse is an industry first tri-sided display combining a unique structure with a state of the art digital billboard.  Eufaula is a growing area where the Durden Outdoor team hand picked the location for this new display.  Traffic counts are up in Eufaula generating a perfect opportunity for local businesses to capture market share from those passing through the area as well as locals. Digital billboards are the perfect for building awareness for upcoming sales, events, community functions, and more.

US Highway 431 passing through Eufaula proved to be the perfect location for this new digital billboard.  It is located at the corner of Hwy 431 N and Clayton Hwy (northbound).  The display not only gains the attention of those driving by the location, but the traffic light at the interception provides a captured audience sitting waiting for the traffic lights to cycle. The traffic count on Hwy 431 through Eufaula is 35,540 plus per day which equals roughly 13 MILLION cars per year. The display is in close proximity to some of the following businesses and communities in Eufaula, Alabama:

  • New Super Wal-mart
  • Chevron
  • Local restaurants
  • Hi Residential Area
  • Eufaula Industrial Park (Hummingbird Corporation, American Buildings)
  • Wallace Community College – Eufaula Campus
  • Billy Lawerence GMC
  • MiCasa Mexican Restaurant
  • Lake Eufaula
Contact Durden Outdoor Displays today for more information and to get special rates to advertise on this beautiful display.  You can visit out Rates and Information page for more info. View Durden Digital Map in a larger map [nggallery id=11]


Hospital Billboard to Promote Heart and Vascular Center

Hospital-billboard-SAMCSouth East Alabama Medical Center (SAMC) has been working to educate the public on life threatening health issues.  The Heart and Vascular Clinic at SAMC is educating people to understand sometimes symptoms may indicate a different health concern.  It is important to have regular check ups and inform your physician of any health issues to be certain to catch any life threatening issues early. “It wasn’t indigestion.” is the message the SAMC Heart and Vascular Center used on this billboard to encourage people to consider heart health.

The Durden Outdoor Creative Team went to work to create a simple message on an attractive background.  The message might be simple but the underlying meaning of the message has a huge impact for those who take the time to read the message.  It challenges people to think about their health and understand symptoms are not always what you they seem.  The SAMC message was placed on a Bulletin on 431 South bound coming into Dothan, AL.

Bulletins are generally used with placing a message for an extended period of time.  Often times people associate Bulletins as the classic billboard.  Durden Outdoor offers other billboard products to help get your message out.  4 Week Rotary Campaigns and Digital Billboards are also available.

Dothan Magazine Ad

Dothan Magazine can be found in most convenient stores as well as many other locations around Dothan, Alabama and surrounding towns.  If you have not picked up a copy of Dothan Magazine we encourage you to check it out.  One of the first things you will notice it is a high quality publication.  The second thing you will notice it is actually about Dothan, it’s citizens, and attractions in the area. Durden Outdoor has a full page ad in the magazine featuring some of our billboards on Ross Clark Circle near Hooters, Long Horn Steakhouse, TGI Fridays, Sam’s Club, and Chick Fil A.  if you pick up a copy of Dothan Magazine be sure to look for the Durden Outdoor ad and have your smart phone ready to scan the QR Code on the page. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions  or need help advertising your business.  Give Durden Outdoor a chance to make you FAMOUS.

Durden Outdoor Attends a Ozark Chamber Of Commerce Event

dsc_5001The Ozark Chamber Of Commerce held an event in March hosting various businesses from Ozark, Alabama and surrounding areas to promote growth and networking between local businesses.  The meeting had about 40 area businesses represented.  Visitors were encouraged to walk around to pick up information, ask questions about product, and network.  For the Durden Outdoor Team it was an opportunity to talk with existing clients and introduce others to Durden Outdoor products..  Over all the even was a lot of fun.  The Chamber had a guest speaker who filled the auditorium with laughter a couple times. You can find a list of businesses who are members of the Ozark Chamber of Commerce here.

Tall Vertical On Primise Signs for SAMC

The on premise banners for SAMC really look good placed on the building and really draw attention to cars driving by the location.  The Medical Center (SAMC) located on Highway 84 in Dothan, AL has been very aggressive with their public awareness campaigns.  The vertical banner placed on the building were designed and printed the same as a large billboard.  The material is a heave 13 oz scrim banner with sewn edges.  In this configuration the banners should last for 2-3 years. Check out the banners and post a comment below.  We would like to hear from those who take the time to read our website. If you are in need of large banners and/or billboard advertising be sure to contact us today.  




Billboard and On Premise Signs for OBGYN of Dothan

obgyn-new-teamBillboard marketing is one of the most effective forms of advertising to a local population. Price per impression is very low when compared to other forms of advertising. Social Media marketing and the internet has really effect direct mail, radio, and television advertising.  The reason is a lot of people listen to music on their ipod, and people are recording their favorite tv shos on the dvd.  You can not ignore or fast forward through a billboard advertisement. Read more

Eagle Eye Outfitters Fish Billboard


Creative advertising generates impressions.  When you have the public’s attention it is much easier to captivate your audience.  If they are not looking they are not buying.  Durden Outdoor has been working with Eagle Eye Outfitters to establish brand identity and to direct traffic to their location in Dothan, Alabama.  This summer Eagle Eye Outfitters wanted to feature the fishing clothing they offer.

dsc_5223The client provided a picture of the man fishing leaving the creative design ideas to the Durden Creative Department.  The billboard design concept quickly evolved from a simple extension of the man over the top of the billboard to the eye catching design you see.  At first thought the massive 5 foot tall extension seemed to get the job done.  After more brainstorming and discussion our creative staff decided to add a huge fishing pole and fish to the left side of the board.

The fish was designed in a 3D CAD program.  The parts were sent out to be CNC Laser Cut.  The body of the fish is cut from .063 aluminum and the internal braces for the fish are CNC laser cut from .1875 P&O Steel plate. The fish assembly bolts together with 15 bolts and once it is bolted together it is very rigid. The total weight of the fish is roughly 6 pounds.

The end result is a shiny fish swinging in the wind and catching the attention of those passing by.  The client has already reported a large number of people commenting on the billboard within the first 2-3 days of it being posted.  This design will run for about 6 months before being replaced with the fall line marketing message. Read more