Billboard and On Premise Signs for OBGYN of Dothan

obgyn-new-teamBillboard marketing is one of the most effective forms of advertising to a local population. Price per impression is very low when compared to other forms of advertising. Social Media marketing and the internet has really effect direct mail, radio, and television advertising.  The reason is a lot of people listen to music on their ipod, and people are recording their favorite tv shos on the dvd.  You can not ignore or fast forward through a billboard advertisement.

One way to maximize your billboard marking campaign is to look for ways to tie it back to your location. One way Durden Outdoor does this to help our clients is to offer on premise signs that match the look of the billboard signs. This way a potential client may see the billboard and drive over to the location.  Once there something looks familiar and welcoming.

OBGYN of Dothan is doing exactly that with the use of  digital billboard marketing and on premise signs to tie their advertising campaign together into an effective brand building tool. They placed the on premise signs in the front and rear of their location. The road behind their location is N. Shady Lane which has a high traffic count. The other on premise sign is on the front side of the building located at 104 Medical Drive.

The digital billboard located at Ross Clark Circle and Hwy 84 was used to promote the message.  Multiple rotating images were displayed on the digital billboard all with a common theme to build the sense of brand identity.

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OBGYN Of Dothan has done a great job letting the public know about new staff coming on board.  Dr. Raines was highlighted on some of the Rotary Posters around Dothan, AL for a couple reasons.  The first reason is to bring attention to the new doctor on staff, and the second reason is to help build brand identity for OBGYN Of Dothan.


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