Leigh Anne Tuohy of The Blind Side speaking in Dothan

Leigh Anne Tuohy is coming to Dothan, Alabama! The Dothan Education Foundation is pleased to announce the inspirational matriarch of the family to Alabama. The real-life mom from the hit movie, “The Blind Side” [featuring Sandra Bullock, Quinton Aaron and Tim McGraw] has been invited to voice her inspiring story on March 7th, 2013 at 7:00 p.m at the Dothan Civic Center, in Dothan, Alabama. Leigh Anne is energetically involved in many civic and faith-based organizations, including Grace Evangelical Church, of which she founded. She inspires spectators through her public speaking to analyze the full potential of people in their community and to find worth in those individuals who society has deemed insignificant. This woman views potential and value in every person and emphasizes how we can impact a person’s life with a little help. Leigh Anne will be sharing her personal journey she underwent with Michael Oher and how the experience changed her as a person.
“He had a much greater impact on our lives than we did on his,” says Touhy.
The family took in Mike when he was a teenager and pushed this man to his full potential. Michael Oher, an offensive lineman for the Baltimore Ravens, won his first Super Bowl in the Big Easy against the San Francisco 49ers this year. Broadcasting the success of this young man has encouraged audiences to think “What can I do?” The Dothan Education Foundation has promoted the Blind Side Speaking Event through a multitude of advertising outlets from radio to TV and billboards to social media. DEF is associated with Yes We Can and Adopt-A-School located at 2431 West Main Street (Westwood Office Complex), Suite 301 in Dothan, AL. The missions of the three affiliated organizations remain alike but structurally, they are becoming more active in the community. The three establishments are merging to becoming one organization to combine the history with the achievements and grassroots support of YWCD and AASD. The goals of these establishments are to improve student achievement for Dothan City students, maintain school improvement, and engage citizens of Dothan with its public schools. You can learn more about DEF and what they are about at dothaneducationfoundation.org With Durden Outdoor, they chose to promote on our Durden Digital Network, focusing mainly on the Dothan Market. This is the first time the Dothan Education Foundation has extended out to the community for financial support. All proceeds will help fund and develop special projects for Dothan City Schools through the foundation. Leigh Anne Tuohy (The Blind Side) Tickets:
  • Upper Level: $25
  • Lower Level: $40
  • Ground Level- Meet & Greet: $75
  • Ground Level – Dinner: $100
  • Ground Level- Table (8): $800
If you would like to Hear the Real Story of Leigh Anne Tuohy, tickets can be purchased by calling DEF at (334)-794-6585 or emailing the Executive Director, Tami Culver, at tami@dothaneducationfoundation.org.

Jason Aldean Coming Here Ad

jason aldean billboardHave you heard the news about the Jason Aldean rotaty poster in Dothan? Yesterday a Jason Aldean is coming HERE rotary poster was installed next to Conestoga Steak House on Highway 231 North in Dothan, Alabama. This poster is will be replaced by a new message in a few weeks.  For more information be sure to check out the billboard location in a couple weeks by Conestoga Steak House.

Faith in OOH, article from OAAA

We found this article from OAAA interesting and thought we would share.  Let us know if you have any questions. According to a recent Gallup poll, 77 percent of Americans identify themselves as members of a Christian religion, and 69 percent identify themselves as moderately or very religious. However, the US Congregational Life Survey shows that churches have been experiencing a high rate of turnover in their membership. One in three respondents said they joined their congregation in the last five years, with 18 percent having joined in the previous two. The upcoming Lenten season and the approach of the Easter and Passover holidays will provide places of worship with an increased opportunity to draw in new members. The average American spends about 23 hours a week traveling outside the home, exposed to OOH advertising formats. That is nearly twice the hours spent listening to the radio and almost four times the hours spent reading a newspaper. The longer exposure time means OOH can be used with other media to amplify the reach of a media plan, with surveys showing a campaign using both OOH and radio can boost reach by 45 percent over a media plan using radio alone. OOH is an ideal medium for connecting with the increasingly mobile American population and can help churches and synagogues bring in new members during the holiday season. Sources: Gallup, Posterscope OCS, U.S. Congregational Life Survey, USA TouchPoints