Out-of-Home Most Effective Driving Online Activity

According to a recent OAAA article, Neilsen just released data that examined Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and search activation. The verdict? Out-of-Home was decidedly the best media channel for driving online activity per ad dollar spent. There were several components that Neilsen reviewed when collecting the data. They first reviewed the amount of consumer online activity each media channel generated. In the past six months, 46% of search was activated by outdoor advertising. Behind search, Facebook came in at 38%, 25% in Instagram and 23% in Twitter. The amount of ad spend share for each media channel verses the amount of online activation proved that Out-Of-Home returns four times the expected rate given its relative ad spend.

With specials changing weekly, Eagle Eye Outfitters is one of our many clients who use the Durden Digital Network to keep their ads fresh and up-to-date. Recently, they launched a new website, ShopEagleEye.com, and utilitzed digital billboards to encourage the Wiregrass to “Shop Online.” Consumers are constantly looking for convenience. This was a great way for Eagle Eye Outfitters to motivate their customers to engage online while at the same time keeping their brand top of the mind. Let us work for you! For more information on how to make your ad dollars extend further and engage online activation, please contact one of our FAMOUS Makers today at 334-792-5056 or sales@durdenoutdoor.com.

Faith in OOH, article from OAAA

We found this article from OAAA interesting and thought we would share.  Let us know if you have any questions. According to a recent Gallup poll, 77 percent of Americans identify themselves as members of a Christian religion, and 69 percent identify themselves as moderately or very religious. However, the US Congregational Life Survey shows that churches have been experiencing a high rate of turnover in their membership. One in three respondents said they joined their congregation in the last five years, with 18 percent having joined in the previous two. The upcoming Lenten season and the approach of the Easter and Passover holidays will provide places of worship with an increased opportunity to draw in new members. The average American spends about 23 hours a week traveling outside the home, exposed to OOH advertising formats. That is nearly twice the hours spent listening to the radio and almost four times the hours spent reading a newspaper. The longer exposure time means OOH can be used with other media to amplify the reach of a media plan, with surveys showing a campaign using both OOH and radio can boost reach by 45 percent over a media plan using radio alone. OOH is an ideal medium for connecting with the increasingly mobile American population and can help churches and synagogues bring in new members during the holiday season. Sources: Gallup, Posterscope OCS, U.S. Congregational Life Survey, USA TouchPoints

Average Income Plays a Roll in Ad Campaigns

We have talked a lot about traffic counts and how they can effect your marketing campaign. While traffic counts are very important they are NOT the only thing to pay attention to when working out the details of your marketing campaign.  High traffic counts in a low income area of town might not be the best location versus an area of lower traffic count but higher average income. In other words would you rather have your message in front of more with little disposable income or in front of a few less people with more money to spend?  The answer is simple, it is easier to get potential clients to spend money if they have more of it to spend. Keep in mind this approach assumes your product and/or service appeals to all socioeconomic backgrounds.

Dothan, Alabama is a hub for smaller outlying towns in multiple counties.  Dothan is located in Houston County.  Houston County has an average income of $38,751. When looking at the average earnings statewide Houston County falls roughly in the middle of the ranking.  We recommend taking a good look at surrounding cities and counties. Dale county has a higher median household income at $41,279. Dale County residents regularly travel to other markets in the area to make purchases. With this information and traffic counts in the area you can make a better informed decision about advertising.  Are you currently directing any of your marketing messages to Dale County? If not you should consider it, and Durden Outdoor can help. Dale country is just one example that many marketers in the area may overlook due to preconceived ideas about the area. If you look closely at the numbers you may find some other interesting facts.

Other factors should be considered.  Fort Rucker has a large transient work force.  People travel to and from work on the base.  Fort Rucker has 3 main gates going in and out of the base.  Between civilian employees and active military there is a large number of people traveling throughout southern Alabama. Business in surrounding cities should not overlook this demographic. A large workforce that hosts a large number of people new to the area and has disposable income.

Census Information:

  • ALABAMA:                      CLICK HERE

Counties in Durden Outdoor’s Market Area

Keep in mind there are other factors to consider when planning a marketing campaign.  Traffic count and average income are important factors and should be considered when choosing areas to place advertising.  Our experienced marketing professionals can answer questions and help define areas that may produce the best possible return for your product and/or services. Be sure to CONTACT US for more details. The government census website linked to above also shows major cites in Alabama as well. Dothan is listed.  Keep in mind only a select cities are listed on the Census website.    

QR Code Used on a Billboard for The LOCAL

QR Codes are finding their way onto many different forms of marketing.  Retail stores use them to allow smart phone users quick access to product information.  QR Codes are placed on business cards to speed up the process of sharing contact information.  A more recent trend is to place QR Codes on billboards and other outdoor advertising.

When placing a QR Code on a billboard it needs to be in a location with a captured audience so people will have time to safely scan the code with their smart phone.  In Dothan, AL a QR Code was placed on a billboard representing The Local newspaper.  The billboard where the QR code is placed is a high traffic area where people sit for long periods of time waiting for traffic lights to change.  Because of this position viewers have plenty of time to scan the QR code.

Be sure to contact our experienced creative team to see what Durden Outdoor can do to spice up your marketing campaign.

Quickest Way To Florida Beaches Message

The City of Enterprise choose a billboard design directing beach bound traffic to the fastest way to Florida beaches right through Enterprise, Alabama.  Every year millions of people from northern states make their way to Florida for fun in the sun through Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi.  The large amount of transient traffic opens up opportunity for creative marketers to capture new customers.  The goal is to give those traveling to Florida beaches a reason to stop in your business and ultimately spend money. The City of Enterprise took a proactive approach to direct traffic though the city increasing opportunity to convert traffic to sales.

Many businesses selling goods and/or services can benefit from targeting advertising on billboards.  Contact Durden Outdoor today for more details.

Some of the Florida destinations people are traveling to include Panama City Beach, Destin, Fort Walton Beach, Port Saint Joe, Orlando, Tampa, Daytona Beach, and Miami.  This is only a sample of places people are headed.  The point is you are targeting a large population of people headed south.

ALDOT Traffic Count in Alabama


What is the traffic count in front of your business or where you have your outdoor advertising placed? Location, location, location is something I have heard from business owners and other advertisers countless times over the years when referring to the potential for business success. Often times getting the buying decision from a potential customer is all about being in the right place at the right time. Whether it is getting the impulse buy in a retail environment or by influencing a purchasing decision through effective ad placement. With this said location refers to more than your business’s physical location it also implies having the best possible locations for your marketing message. Determining your message and location to display it effectively is an important choice for a successful marketing campaign. Educating yourself on traffic count in your target market will make choosing your overall campaign strategy easier. Keep in mind there is more to it than picking the roads with the highest traffic count.  In some cases you may want to consider captive audiences at traffic lights or perhaps congested areas. Outdoor advertising is the only traditional marketing platform to remain unchanged with advances in technology. Technology has changed the way we all read magazines for current information, watch television, read the news, and search for local businesses. For instance Smart Phones are effecting more than one might think. A study was recently done looking at smart phone usage as people watch tv. More often than not those with smart phones are distracted during commercials with other activities like Facebook, checking email, or surfing the web than watching commercials. This is just one example how technology has effected marketing. If you would like to read more on this subject you CLICK HERE. As long as humans are driving vehicles to and from their destination billboard advertising will remain strong. Distractions from listening to music on an iPod or talking on the phone do little to distract to marketing messages lining the sides busy streets around the world. Simply put, you can not tune out outdoor advertising. Higher traffic count areas yield higher returns based on the average number of people viewing the display. Traffic count is not super top secret information reserved for big business or people in the know. In Alabama traffic count information is gathered and published by ALDOT. The information is found online. You can look at traffic patterns in your area to determine the best possible place to reach potential clients. Billboard location is no different than prime real estate. The higher the traffic count and visibility the higher the cost will be. So be sure to understand what suits your needs and potential for gaining market share. Dothan, Ozark, Enterprise, Troy, and Eufuala are all key markets within Durden Outdoor’s network of displays. All of these areas have seen traffic count increases over the past 5 years. The traffic count increases range from 5% – 25% depending on the market, new construction, and other factors. Be sure to visit ALDOT by clicking the banner ad below.  You can research traffic count information for free.

Beach Bound Traffic Through Dothan, AL

Spring break and summer vacationing people make the trip to Panama City Beach, Florida where they spend millions of dollars. stimulating the Florida economy. Getting the travelers to stop at your business to spend money should be part of your business plan here in the Dothan, Alabama area.  Thousands of people  travel to Panama City Beach by way of Dothan, AL and other cities along US Highway 231. Local businesses who take advantage  of the additional beach traffic can add a new revenue stream to their business.  Some business owners take it for granted assuming those traveling through the area know how to find their business and/or services.  Simply put how are potential customers supposed to know what you offer and how to find you if you do not advertise. Not to mention motive them to want to spend money.  Often times people on vacation have spending on their mind.  Prepare your business to take advantage and capitalize on the opportunity.

Billboard advertising along Hwy 231 produces positive results for hotels, gas stations, and restaurants.  It should be pointed out many other business types can benefit from people passing through the Dothan area on vacation.  Families traveling may look for a hotel, but they may also look for other things to go do while staying the night in Dothan, AL. What is your plan to get these people into your place of business?  Durden Outdoor can assist in your marketing effort to capitalize on this potential business opportunity. Read more

New Durden Outdoor Business Cards

dsc_4620Durden Outdoor is in the process of creating marketing materials for our staff to use.  One of the changes is the new business card design.  The new business cards feature a QR Code to make exchanging contact information easier.  A QR Code is essentially a bar code detailing information you want to exchange.  Most modern smart phones have the ability to add a free app to read bar codes and QR Codes. If someone hands you a business card with a QR Code all you have to do is scan the code and you can automatically add their contact info to your contacts.  The benefit is you do not have to type it all in thus saving time. Not to mention taking out the chance for human error from mistyped information.

In marketing / sales getting people involved in a conversation can be difficult at time.  In my personal experience using QR Codes on past projects many people do stop to ask what the code is for.  After a short explanation you can transition your conversation into more meaningful business.

Event Coverage Using Durden Digital Billboards

Digital Billboards demand attention… period.  Digital billboards are very effective advertising events and other short term marketing needs.  Restaurants, Sports Bars, Clubs, and related businesses can benefit from advertising events to get people in their establishment.  How you ask?  The Super Bowl is one of the biggest shows on the planet.  Millions of people around the world stop what they are doing to enjoy good food, drinks, and the game with friends.

If you would like to discuss advertising on the Durden Digital Network for upcoming events please contact our marketing team for more details.  Football, baseball, UFC Fights, and more all events that could get people into your restaurant or club to spend money. Are you ready to start an outdoor advertising campaign?

New Business Licenses Issued in Dothan

If you market your goods or services to other businesses it is good practice to know what new businesses are opening in your community.  One of the best ways to keep up with new businesses opening in your area is go to the city office where business licenses are issued and request a report about once a month.  Many cities will charge a small administrative fee for this information.  Most cities will provide information related to the new business including contact name, address, telephone number, and in some cases an email address.

You can then take this information to make first contact with the new business.  Speed of Business is getting to be more important as technology advances.  The internet provides instant access to anything a new business owner might need.  The internet has made the act of business less personal, but there is still plenty of room to build relationships.

The Dothan Eagle posts new business licenses to their website on a regular basis.  If you are doing business in the Dothan, Alabama area be sure to check it out.  Be sure to post a comment back here if you found this article helpful.

Speed of Business and your company’s ability to react quickly enough is key. Speed of Business also refers to how fast the public can access information over the internet.  The faster you make first contact with a potential client the more likely your company will be rewarded with the sale versus a competing company. Increasing your company’s Speed of Business can be done in many ways. Social Media, a Website, Newsletter Email Marketing, and knowing what is going on in the community before others are all ways to increase the Speed of Business.  We will be discussing other topics concerning Speed of Business very soon.