New Durden Outdoor Business Cards

dsc_4620Durden Outdoor is in the process of creating marketing materials for our staff to use.  One of the changes is the new business card design.  The new business cards feature a QR Code to make exchanging contact information easier.  A QR Code is essentially a bar code detailing information you want to exchange.  Most modern smart phones have the ability to add a free app to read bar codes and QR Codes. If someone hands you a business card with a QR Code all you have to do is scan the code and you can automatically add their contact info to your contacts.  The benefit is you do not have to type it all in thus saving time. Not to mention taking out the chance for human error from mistyped information.

In marketing / sales getting people involved in a conversation can be difficult at time.  In my personal experience using QR Codes on past projects many people do stop to ask what the code is for.  After a short explanation you can transition your conversation into more meaningful business.

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