On the Road Again

roadmartRoad Mart has been serving the Wiregrass since 1974. They are a family owned tire and automotive service center serving Troy, Ozark, Dothan, Enterprise, and Marianna. Road Mart offers multiple brands of tires and sizes, such as: Akuret Akuret-Commercial Akuret-Industrial BF Goodrich Bridgestone Bridgestone-Commercial Dayton Del-Nat-LG Del-Nat-Trailer Firestone Firestone-Commercial Firestone-Farm Fuzion   Galaxy-Industrial Goodyear Long March-Commercial Maxxis Michelin Michelin-Commercial Nexen Primewell Primex Sumitomo Toyo Toyo-Commercial Road Mart is currently advertising with us using rotary posters and bulletins to show off their multiple locations. Rotary Posters are purchased in increments called showings. Poster showings provide a broad, simultaneous market reach that can achieve instant market saturation and high frequency where your customers live, work, and play. Posters are extremely powerful for launching new product campaigns, time sensitive promotions, seasonal and special events. Bulletins are the largest, most impaction standard-size form of outdoor media. Located on highly visible locations, such as expressways and primary arteries, they offer advertisers exposure from heavy traffic patterns. Bulletins afford great visibility due not only to their size, but because they allow creative customizing through extensions and embellishments. If you would like to make your company FAMOUS, we are the right billboard company for you. Durden Outdoor Displays has been designing awesome billboards for Wiregrass business owners since 1968. Contact us today to start making your business famous.

Polaris Ranger Billboard for Dothan Powersports

Dothan Powersports does a very good job with outdoor advertising by mixing different displays in different locations.  Different billboards… what I thought all billboards were the same.  No, billboards are not the same.  Dothan Powersports uses a combination of bulletins, rotary posters, and digital billboards. The Polaris Ranger billboard is considered a bulletin.  Bulletins are the large billboards you see beside major artery roads leading in and out of town.  Keep in mind there are bulletins in town at high traffic area.

This bulletin is located on Highway 431 southbound coming into Dothan.  The bulletin is seen by roughly 30,000 cars per day.  Northview High School is located in close proximity to the billboard.  While school is in the amount of traffic increases in this area.  A large amount of beach bound traffic passes this billboard location in spring and summertime. An added benefit is a large portion of the beach bound traffic turns left onto Ross Clark Circle  putting the traffic right to their building.

If you would like to speak with one of our marketing professionals please contact us today.  We will be happy to assist with any questions or concerns you may have.

Ludlum and Gil Law Firm Flying Eagle Billboard


The Ludlum and Gil Attorneys at Law billboard was a fun project to work on that allowed creative opportunity.  The only direction given from the client the need to target military people and their families.  The design process centered around a patriotic theme using red, white, blue, and a HUGE Eagle. The billboard features two large extensions to allow the eagle to be much more dominate and memorable.  The billboard is targeting Veteran Affairs to protect the American soldiers and their families rights.

Billboard advertising can be a very effective form of advertising.  Key factors can effect the success of failure of a billboard advertising campaign.  Some of the factors to pay attention to include:

  • Graphic design to effective communicate the message
  • Timing (having the message up in time for seasonal promo, product sales, or allowing the message to stay up for extended periods of time to build brand awareness.)
  • Location (based on target audience)
  • Location (based on traffic count)
  • Location (based on proximity to location if using direction billboards)
Durden Outdoor’s experienced marketing team and graphic design department can help guide you in the right direction.  Contact Durden Outdoor today.

Hospital Billboard to Promote Heart and Vascular Center

Hospital-billboard-SAMCSouth East Alabama Medical Center (SAMC) has been working to educate the public on life threatening health issues.  The Heart and Vascular Clinic at SAMC is educating people to understand sometimes symptoms may indicate a different health concern.  It is important to have regular check ups and inform your physician of any health issues to be certain to catch any life threatening issues early. “It wasn’t indigestion.” is the message the SAMC Heart and Vascular Center used on this billboard to encourage people to consider heart health.

The Durden Outdoor Creative Team went to work to create a simple message on an attractive background.  The message might be simple but the underlying meaning of the message has a huge impact for those who take the time to read the message.  It challenges people to think about their health and understand symptoms are not always what you they seem.  The SAMC message was placed on a Bulletin on 431 South bound coming into Dothan, AL.

Bulletins are generally used with placing a message for an extended period of time.  Often times people associate Bulletins as the classic billboard.  Durden Outdoor offers other billboard products to help get your message out.  4 Week Rotary Campaigns and Digital Billboards are also available.

Eagle Eye Outfitters Fish Billboard


Creative advertising generates impressions.  When you have the public’s attention it is much easier to captivate your audience.  If they are not looking they are not buying.  Durden Outdoor has been working with Eagle Eye Outfitters to establish brand identity and to direct traffic to their location in Dothan, Alabama.  This summer Eagle Eye Outfitters wanted to feature the fishing clothing they offer.

dsc_5223The client provided a picture of the man fishing leaving the creative design ideas to the Durden Creative Department.  The billboard design concept quickly evolved from a simple extension of the man over the top of the billboard to the eye catching design you see.  At first thought the massive 5 foot tall extension seemed to get the job done.  After more brainstorming and discussion our creative staff decided to add a huge fishing pole and fish to the left side of the board.

The fish was designed in a 3D CAD program.  The parts were sent out to be CNC Laser Cut.  The body of the fish is cut from .063 aluminum and the internal braces for the fish are CNC laser cut from .1875 P&O Steel plate. The fish assembly bolts together with 15 bolts and once it is bolted together it is very rigid. The total weight of the fish is roughly 6 pounds.

The end result is a shiny fish swinging in the wind and catching the attention of those passing by.  The client has already reported a large number of people commenting on the billboard within the first 2-3 days of it being posted.  This design will run for about 6 months before being replaced with the fall line marketing message. Read more

Piggly Wiggly’s Dothan Billboard

Piggly Wiggly is a grocery store chain stretching across many states in the Heart of America.  The Piggly Wiggly grocery store chains were designed to have a community feel.  The founder of Piggly Wiggly was a true innovator by being the first to offer a grocery store where customers walk in a pick out the items they want rather than having the attendant pull the items from a list.  More information and history about Piggly Wiggly can be found on their website.


Piggly Wiggly Bulletin Billboard in Dothan, AL

The Dothan, Alabama Piggly Wiggly stores have been working to educate local consumers on a few key points about their stores.

  1. Best meat prices in Dothan, Alabama
  2. Fresh produce with many items to choose from
  3. Where to the store is located
  4. The Friendliest Service of any Dothan grocery store.
  5. Establish the Piggly Wiggly brand in Dothan.

The Piggly Wiggly billboard project for the Dothan based stores was approached with these things in mind.  You will notice the billboard sign is a directional board pointing people to the location.  The billboard location was hand picked by the client because of the new Publix grocery stores opening in Dothan, Alabama.  The Piggly Wiggly billboard sign is located on the corner of 231 North and Ross Clark Circle in the parking lot of Richie B’s Pizza.  The location is a prime location in Dothan with a very high daily traffic count.

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