Scarborough & Associates is Now Hiring Electricians

Durden Outdoor Displays, Inc. partnered with Scarborough & Associates to help them get the word out that they are now hiring electricians. By utilizing the Durden Digital Network, Scarborough & Associates was able to get their message up quickly. Do you know an electrician looking for a job or change of pace? Give Scarborough & Associates a call at 334-794-2781. Scarborough

Vinson Plumbing and Electric Billboard Campaign


Vinson Plumbing and Electric has been in business for decades serving Dothan, Alabama with high quality service work.  Vinson has made some big changes to their marketing campaign on both the plumbing and electric front to better establish brand identity with home owners rather than local contractors.  For months Durden Outdoor has been displaying a combination of both digital billboards and 4 Week Rotary Posters in the Dothan market to boost Vinson Plumbing and Electric brand awareness.  Vinson has commented on how well outdoor advertising has been to their business and has continued with a new campaign. Nearing the end of a 3 month campaign the Vinson “Make The Switch” 4 Week Rotary posters have been located in a number of locations around Dothan.  Rotary posters are billboards that change locations every 4 weeks.  For a better explanation on the 4 Week Rotary Posters CLICK HERE.